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There are 6 EASY STEPS. 

1. Be 18 years old or older and a resident of the United States. 

2. Sign up for the 60 hour Tennessee Principles of Real Estate course through TARE. (The most cost effective way to sign up for this course and the 30 hour course mentioned below is through the Pre-License package for $425)

3. Upon completion, we will send you a form to fill out. This is so we can submit your information to PSI for testing. You will also receive your certificate of completion for both this course and the 30 hour course mentioned below. You can access these on your student portal home page. Save these. The state will need a copy of them later.
4. You once your account information has processed with PSI, you will receive email confirmation. Follow the link in the email to Login to PSI. Here you can sign up for the State Real Estate exam. 

5. Sign up for your 30 hour New Affiliates course through TARE (As mentioned above, we recommend you purchase this in a bundle with the 60 hour Tennessee Principles of Real Estate. You can start this course at any time after completing the 60 hour. 

6. Submit your paperwork and Certificates of Completion to the Tennessee Real Estate Commission. You will complete the onboarding process with the commission and the broker of your choosing.

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